Mangia Mangia for sale?


Yesterday, an Indy reader drew our attention to this Craiglist posting, which is advertising an "Operating Italian Restaurant" for sale.

Though it doesn't mention the eatery by name, it's clear that the posting is showing Mangia Mangia in Woodland Park: the recent subject of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares program

I called the eatery yesterday afternoon to confirm the posting with owner Julie Watson. An employee who answered the phone relayed my question ("Are you for sale?") to Watson, who was in the kitchen cooking and prepping at the time, said the employee. 

Watson apparently told the employee "no," and I was told to call back later if I wanted to speak to Watson directly. I did so, and was told she wasn't available, and I left my contact info with a request for her to call me, which as of this time, she hasn't. 

Which means we have a little mystery: The Craigslist ad appears to show a legit sale (one of the photos being taken inside of the kitchen, even), but the restaurant's denying. 

So is the posting a prank? Or ... ?


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