A Tumblr tribute to Colorado College men (Er, um ... boys)


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I once was a Colorado College boyfriend ... several times actually. Wait, that sounds bad. My point is that I graduated in 2001, and was once of the scruffy ilk where I too would have been the target of this snarky Tumblr page: Your Colorado College Boyfriend

As you can see, it's "inspired by" another smart Tumblr page called Your LL Bean Boyfriend

But I'm not on Tumblr and much has changed in the last decade-plus, so I actually had to reach out to a former Indy intern who's about to graduate from CC to sheepishly inquire: "What does VDP mean?" (From the page's tagline: "He will have sex with you after VDP and then take you to brunch. Doesn't get much hotter then that.")

Urban Dictionary directed me to "vulgar display of power," which at first made me think of some commentary on white male privilege — but it didn't seem to fit. 

Then I thought of something that started with "venereal disease" because I once attended one of those Boettcher Health Center STD talks on campus where they try to scare students into making smart decisions by noting common STDs and showing a few scary photos. 

Thankfully, as I fumbled, our former intern replied with the goods: "video dance party," she explained, an annual campus event for new student orientation.

Yeah, that's what I get for being a damn summer start — make that "dumber start" — and missing all the fall activities when I was a student. For outsiders: that was a program that allowed about 60 extra kids into CC, accounting for fall attrition rates by starting around 60 subs in the summer, who returned in January.

Anyhoo, I personally never read Confederacy of Dunces over a cheap canned brew in the backcountry (I read it in high school, for the record) but yes, I likely did fit many of the stereotypes on display here. 

Running half-clothed or nude in nature — check.

Vegan grub — check. 

Sensitive speak on a variety of life's big questions (like what's my spirit animal) — check. 

Played a cheesy song on guitar for a girl on a couch — aw, hell no! Who the hell do you think I am? (Besides, I played bass in a surf rock band at CC. Dig that, yo.)

I'm not really going anywhere deep with this post, by the way — I really just wanted to draw your attention to the local parody page and perpetuate the lampooning of my fellow Tigers. 

I await more posts — perhaps about the hockey team, block breaks, ultimate frisbee kids, etc. — for the walk back in time they offer. (And sadly, that occasional glimpse in the mirror ... "Hay gurl, whatchoo up to?!")


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