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After posting about Quoquos earlier this week, I was quickly contacted by a press representative for Nutiva, whom I mention below as the supplier of my regular coconut oil needs. 

The rep wanted our readers to know that "the brand just launched a way for you to easily get the health benefits of coconut oil in a snack: O’Coconut™ bite-sized snacks (SRP $0.89 / 0.5 oz pouch)." 

As for another creative way to intake coconut oil's benefits, Nutiva has developed these little items that deliver a 1.5-teaspoon serving of coconut oil each, weighing in at 60 calories, 1 gram of protein and 3 grams of sugar, on account of organic tapioca syrup being the first ingredient. 

I said yes to a few samples of both a regular coconut flavor as well as a similar tasting flavor with chia and hemp seeds added for "nutty flavor and the additional benefits of Omega-3s."

They're easily likable and certainly on the side of being a tiny sweet treat versus a savory snack. They're not far from coconut macaroons, as far as the natural dried coconut flavors taking the lead. 

You can now procure the organic, fair trade and non-GMO goodies at Whole Foods markets as well as from Nutiva's website
Another easy option for getting more lauric acid in your life. - COURTESY TRUTH BE TOLD PR
  • Courtesy Truth Be Told PR
  • Another easy option for getting more lauric acid in your life.

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In the last few years, coconut oil has gained the attention of the health-conscious crowd. 

Seemingly misunderstood, and even vilified for many years for its high saturated fat content, it's now praised for its medium-chain triglycerides, which we're told do everything from balance cholesterol to aid in burning fat. There's also the tropical commodity's antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and a list of other benefits to the body. 

With a quick web search, you can read all about those benefits, from the likes of Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola to articles found at The Huffington Post and places like Authority Nutrition

Personally, I've been regularly cooking with and eating raw the good stuff for quite some time, namely Nutiva's extra virgin coconut oil, found for a very affordable price in bulk at Costco. So I confess that my curiosity and appetite were piqued when I received a pitch last week from a company called Quoquos, offering free samples of its two products: Coco Lecithin Boost and Coco Choco Boost. 

To encapsulate what you can read on their website about how these products differ from other oils on the market, the key added ingredient is organic sunflower lecithin, which they say supports digestion as well as emulsification (into smoothies, etc.). 
I set these in the sun for a photo, but you may care to store these in a cooler spot to keep them more solidified. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • I set these in the sun for a photo, but you may care to store these in a cooler spot to keep them more solidified.
According to a PR rep for the company, it is working to get the product into retail stores nationwide presently, but can be purchased in the interim at Amazon as well as directly from Quoquos, which offers free shipping — "so price wise, it is like buying at a retail store." (Single, 23-ounce jars for $21.45 and six-packs for $107.25.)

Quoquos argues that to three to five tablespoons of oil should be consumed daily "to make a difference," hence their effort to make it more palatable and digestible with the added sunflower lecithin (and organic cocoa in the case of the Choco Boost). 

How much you care to invest in this as a supplement is of course up to you, but this much I can vouch for after playing with both products in my kitchen for the several days: both are delicious on their own, eaten right off a spoon.

The regular Lecithin Boost has tasted good in sautéed greens and the Choco (also great smeared across the top of a square of dark chocolate for dessert) does add a richer dimension to shakes. It's particularly great when backing up the chocolate flavor of Garden of Life's Chocolate Cacao Raw Meal, blended with berries and your choice of milk — to reveal even more about what you didn't ask about me, I use Blue Diamond's excellent Unsweetened Breeze Almond milk Coconut milk Blend.

For my part, I'll likely continue using the more affordable regular coconut oil for most of my cooking needs, but I've already come to like Quoquos as a quick, healthy snack that would be nice to keep around — its flavors have earned my fealty. 

Perhaps this all smacks of a commercial to you — I assure you I'm not acting the shill here — but I legitimately like these products.  

One last thing: If you care to learn more about the basic science behind coconut oil crystalizing, check out this explanation that was mailed to me with the Quoquos jars:  See related PDF 0067_001.pdf

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