Meet Dr. NaKaMats, inventor extraordinaire


He invented the floppy disk, digital displays and has more patents — upwards of 3,200 — to his name than Thomas Edison.

He photographed every meal he's eaten since the 1970s, which won him a 2005 Ig Nobel Prize (for useless research).

He's run for mayor of Tokyo numerous times, and lost.

He's Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, or Dr. NakaMats, as he's also known, and he's coming to Colorado courtesy of the International Tesla Society, which is based here. You can meet him Saturday from 2-4 p.m. at the Comfort Inn in Manitou Springs, which will be celebrating Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu Day.

Nakamatsu is quite a character, as evidenced by this 1995 article with the New York Times' David Lazarus. Nakamatsu shows Lazarus his "spacious office" in downtown Tokyo and what he was working on at the time: a liquid to make sex "three times more enjoyable" (imperative given Japan's declining birth rates), and a condom that won't blunt sensitivity.

Sex products aside, he also developed Dr. NakaMats Brain Drink, which says it'll help you lose weight, smooth out your complexion and keep you regular, and about that Ig Nobel mentioned earlier? Well, Nakamatsu must be a good sport, because he's serious about the benefits of diet for health, per this 2012 interview in Smithsonian Magazine
Dr. NakaMats believes that the right food and drink, moderate exercise and an unflagging love life will keep him alive until 2072. “The number of sleeping hours should be limited to six,” he advises. “Alcohol, tea, milk and tap water are bad for the brain and should be avoided. Coffee is also very dangerous. One meal a day is optimal, and that meal should be low in oil and no more than 700 calories.”

His own diet consists of a single serving of puréed seaweed, cheese, yogurt, eel, eggs, beef, dried shrimp and chicken livers. He seasons this concoction with Dr. NakaMats’ Rebody 55, a dietary supplement comprising 55 grains and several mystery ingredients. “It is ideal for sprinkling on soup or cereal,” he says.
Nakamatsu is now well into his 80s, but his systems seem to be working, given his trip all the way from Tokyo to Manitou Springs, and he's even bringing some of his newest inventions. Plus, his website looks like this:
What a boss.

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