Lyft: New ride service debuts in Colorado Springs


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Pro tip: After signing up, don't hit "Request Lyft" if you're, uh, not needing a ride. As soon as the screen changed to "Contacting drivers" — the nearest of which, the app tells me, is eight minutes away — I think I tinkled a little. 

But this is all backwards, so first the good news: Lyft is here! It's an app and a San Francisco company that vets its local drivers before they take you where you want to go for the low, low rate of this:


(Wait, am I going to have to pay a cancellation fee for my button mashing?)

Anyway, the service is going in some 60 cities and just recently added Colorado Springs because, as spokeswoman Paige Thelen told the Gazette, "We really loved the strong sense of community — we met a lot of friendly people there. We are excited to provide another option and fill a gap for people who want to get home from a bar at night or commute to work."


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