Meet Cymon Padilla and Hyperborea


Among other openings happening Friday, Springs native Cymon Padilla will host his first solo show at the Modbo, and it looks pretty amazing. Show literature goes like this: "His work is primarily focused on using humor and absurd juxtapositions to illustrate the relationship between human culture and the natural world."

Padilla's got some neat Rodney Wood-like subjects and finishes, a clear love of art history and some pop references that swing more absurd than critical. As you'll see below, there's a Kanye West head carved from a tree and a pug doing Manet's "Olympia."

The show title, Postcards from Hyperborea, references a mythical-ish region that Encyclopedia Britannica defines as "beyond the north wind," and a paradisiacal place with long-lived peoples who worshipped Apollo, per Greek religion.

How that links with Padilla's show isn't immediately clear, but it's hardly the point. You've gotta look at his work and figure out what it means to you. (Excuse the after-school-special tone, but I do believe it.) Here's a taste:

"#yeezus" - CYMON PADILLA
  • Cymon Padilla
  • "#yeezus"
  • Cymon Padilla
  • "Olympia"
"Hot dog smell in a landscape after Corot" - CYMON PADILLA
  • Cymon Padilla
  • "Hot dog smell in a landscape after Corot"
Not to be missed either is Monique Viger whose show is opening tomorrow next door at S.P.Q.R. Viger's work with trees and light is truly stunning.

"Untitled" - MONIQUE VIGER
  • Monique Viger
  • "Untitled"

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