Field guide to Colorado stereotypes


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Cliches don't become cliches unless there's an element of truth to them.

And while that's less often the case with stereotypes, Boulder magazine The Rooster recently managed to inject a bit of truth into its caricatures of Colorado "types," at least some of whom may have a ring of familiarity to you.

Maybe you'll recognize the "ex-weed dealer who won't stop calling you even though weed is legal."

Or the "mountain man who still thinks Y2K is a thing."

Or, for Manitou residents, there's the "penniless trustafarian who is only penniless in the sense that he's converted all his change to cryptocurrency."

So are they missing anybody?

Well, there's the screaming, swearing, scary, shirtless guy who's always jogging through my neighborhood. But that's a phenomenon that has yet to reach critical mass. 

Anyway, if you're feeling snarky on a Monday afternoon, you can go have a look here.

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