Is marijuana causing your man-boobs?


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This is more a post about a press release instead of a post about larger information addressed by a press release, and the reason for that is because the March 24 note in my inbox is a warning that smoking weed may cause man-boobs, also known as gynecomastia.

The word comes from Denver plastic surgeon Gregory Buford, who's probably just looking to drum up a little publicity. (Well played.) The thought is that gynecomastia results when estrogen and testosterone levels in a male get out of sync. And, as the good surgeon writes, THC has been shown to lower testosterone in animals.

Apparently 30 to 45 percent of men between the ages of 25 to 45 experience this breastly effect, but no concrete word on whether it's coming to a toker near you.

"To what extent pot smoking actually causes gynecomastia, we don't know," says Buford in the release. "It hasn't been studied enough to yield concrete evidence to support the assumption."


"Estrogen dominance in a male has been clearly shown to increase the risk for cardiac events, stroke, and early death. In my mind, these risks far outweigh the concern I have for man boobs. My hope is that the medical profession will begin studying the potential link between frequent marijuana use, testosterone and estrogen levels and determine just how concerned we really should be."

Going on to detail possible problems with THC and testicular size, the release ends with this bit of sage wisdom: "Dr. Buford recommends that men of all ages put down the J until these questions are resolved."

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