Academy CI program was "fair, consistent," Air Force says


The academy's honor code: Did cadet CI violate it? - FILE PHOTO
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  • The academy's honor code: Did cadet CI violate it?

The Air Force Academy's disenrollment process was fair, consistent and timely, according to a panel that reviewed the procedure following questions surrounding the Office of Special Investigations' use of confidential informants.

The issue was triggered by stories in the Gazette about the CI program that quoted cadets saying they helped the academy build cases against other cadets and then got booted for the favor.

In a news release, the academy said:

The Air Force Academy’s disenrollment review assessed the Academy’s previous and current cadet disenrollment processes. The panel determined the processes provided fairness, consistency, timeliness, due process and transparency for both cadets and USAFA; identified weaknesses or potential enhancements in both programs; determined the current program improved upon previous programs; and provided recommendations, included in the IG report. The new instructions implemented in 2013 sought to mirror the cadet disenrollment procedures with the administrative discharge for Air Force personnel; by doing so, streamlining the process that was often encumbered by numerous procedural steps and an arguably excessive due process.
Read the full release here:
See related PDF 043_Academy_s_Disenrollment_Process.pdf

In addition, the Air Force Academy Inspector General looked into the CI program and reached the same conclusion. Here's the report:
See related PDF USAFA_Disenrollment_Process_Report_-_Final_14_Feb_14_NonFOIAR.pdf

Here's a report from the Air Force Inspector General:
See related PDF Redacted_ROI_into_AFOSI_use_of_CIs_at_USAFA_26_Feb_2014_SAF-IG_Redacted.pdf

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