Memorial for Bill Cummins on Saturday


From 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, the Manitou Art Center will host a memorial for artist Bill Cummins, who died suddenly in February. Cummins' retrospective at the MAC opened in January and covers his long career — over 70 years — with selections in both the 513 and 515 buildings from his expansive body of works that numbered into the thousands.
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Cummins was born in California in 1927, but grew up in New York City. After serving in the military from 1948 to 1952, Cummins worked in commercial art, production and design for the next 40 years. He came to Colorado Springs with his wife in 1991 to retire from his day job and pursue art full-time.

Here, he explains his first experience in visual art:

“I was fortunate to find my calling in life at the tender age of seven and one-half years. Before that, I was just another playboy. At that time, it so happened that there was in a magazine advertisement a line drawing of an old man's face full of wrinkles. The image struck me so powerfully that I was impelled to copy it. Having done so, I was hooked on art for life, especially drawing. Now after seven and one-half decades of many wondrous art adventures, I am the old man with the face full of wrinkles that I saw so long ago ... and I like it.”
In addition, KRCC will air a discussion about Cummins with local artist Sean O'Meallie today at 4:50 p.m. Host Noel Black also wrote an article about Cummins for the Independent back in 2003, in which the artist told him: 

"Just remember these four things: 1. Vote Republican. 2. Study nutrition. 3. Take your children ice-skating. 4. Observe and learn from the behavior of animals." Then he cracks another grin and it's impossible to discern whether he believes a word of it.

"Whatever you do," he says, reveling in the incredulousness that his every word inspires, "just make me look bad."

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