UPDATE: NARAL comes out against Colorado's proposed abortion ban


As predicted, the bill has died.

Here's the take from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:

Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Statement Responds to the Defeat of HB14-1133
(Concerning Protecting Human Life Beginning at Conception)

Sponsors: Representatives Humphrey, Buck, DelGrosso, Everett, Holbert, Landgraf, Nordberg, Priola, Saine, Sonnenberg, Swalm, Wright and Senators Renfroe, Grantham, Harvey, Lambert, Lundberg, Marble, Scheffel

Statement by VP of Public Affairs Cathy Alderman

DENVER – “Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado applauds today’s defeat of House Bill 1133, sponsored by Rep. Stephen Humphrey.

“Today, by a vote of 9-2, House Bill 1133 was postponed indefinitely. This measure was an unconstitutional and outright ban on abortion in almost all circumstances. House Bill 1133 offered no exception for rape or incest, requiring survivors of rape or incest to give birth to their attacker’s child, or face prosecution for a felony.

“We even witnessed an attempt to introduce an amendment that would create a ban on abortion after 20 weeks — which would have left many Colorado women’s lives in danger. The majority of abortions later in pregnancy are performed because of high-risk medical conditions, and only make up two percent of all abortions.

“The type of policy sponsored by Rep. Humphrey and Republican leadership goes against the needs of Colorado women and families, and the values of the majority Colorado voters. A poll of Colorado voters found that 62 percent of Colorado voters agree that, ‘A woman should be allowed to have an abortion based on her personal values and her doctor's advice.’ Seven out of 10 Americans back the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade making abortion legal in the United States.

“Politicians should be focused on policies that support women and families and not ones like House Bill 1133 which seek to restrict access to necessary reproductive healthcare services for women.”


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A Republican bill in the Colorado House has drawn the ire of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

House Bill 1133 would ban all abortions. It's unlikely to pass given that the legislature is controlled by Democrats. Other states, however, have been passing restrictive abortion laws as of late, including notable changes in Texas that have led many clinics to close.

Here's what NARAL had to say about the proposed Colorado law:

Abortion Ban Bill in Colorado

Background on the policy:

• Colorado is a historically pro-choice state. In 1967, Colorado was the first state to legalize abortions, six years before Roe.
• Almost every year, there is a failed attempt to pass legislation to ban abortions in Colorado.
• Anti-abortion, anti-birth control “personhood” ballot measures have failed repeatedly. The most recent ballot measure, Amendment 62, failed by a landslide 70% -30% in 2010. Political analysts agree that the personhood measure contributed to Ken Buck’s loss in his Senate race against Michael Bennet. Another “personhood” initiative will be on the ballot in 2014.

HB 14-1133 – Outright Abortion Ban Bill

• The proposed bill is being heard on Tuesday, March 11, in committee. This bill would ban all abortions and emergency contraception, even for survivors of rape and incest.
• Physicians who perform abortion services or prescribe emergency contraception would be charged with a class 3 felony, which could result in up to 12 years in prison and a $750,000 fine.
• The proposed bill defines pregnancy and “unborn human” at the moment of fertilization.

What we believe:

• HB 14-1133 violates the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and criminalizes physicians.
• Protecting private, personal medical decisions is a mainstream Colorado value.
• Colorado voters have said repeatedly that government and politicians don’t belong in reproductive-health-care decisions.

What you should know:

• Doctors who provide abortion services or emergency contraception could go to prison if this legislation is enacted. A Class 3 felony is a minimum 4-12 year sentence.
• HB 14-1133 makes no exception for survivors of rape or incest.
• Colorado House Republican leadership this year signed on as a co-sponsor.
• HB14-1133 is part of broader, national strategy by anti-choice Republican leaders to ban abortion.

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