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If you could somehow converse with the small, green feathered member of my household, he'd probably tell you all about caves, which are his favorite subject. He'll burrow in any cozy, dark space, but mostly he spends hours in this funky metal cage vase wrapped in an old sweater and does ... stuff. I don't know.

That makes sense, given that conures have more burrowing instincts than people do. But when we think about caves, we want to explore their badassery. And this month, all you wannabe-spelunkers out there can tour undeveloped sections of the Manitou Grand Caverns at Cave of the Winds.

In Caving 101, you'll be led by guides and climb and crawl through these passageways with only a flashlight for "2 hours of good clean, yet muddy fun underground." 

You must bring a flashlight and a change of clothes, since you'll get dirty, and keep in mind that down there it's a steady 54 degrees and possibly humid. You'll also need to book your tour at least 48 hours in advance; Caving 101 is only offered Saturdays and Sundays at 4. The cost is $45 for everyone (except kids 12 and under, who aren't allowed). Lastly, this is only being offered through March, so if you're truly interested, don't wait.

The bird in his element. Doing this. - EDIE ADELSTEIN
  • Edie Adelstein
  • The bird in his element. Doing this.

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