Evan Ebel: Watch the car chase and shoot-out



The tale of Evan Ebel — the killer of Dominos driver Nathan Leon and Colorado Corrections director Tom Clement — has been a tragic thing to watch unravel. 

And beyond the killing of Leon, who delivered a pizza to Ebel at a truck stop, and whose uniform was used as a disguise when the former prisoner went to Monument to shoot Clement at his home, there's the shooting of a Texas sheriff's deputy, not to mention the assistance of Stevie Marie Vigil, who bought Ebel the 9mm Smith & Wesson he used in the first place. For that she was yesterday sentenced to 27 months in prison. According to the Denver Post:
So far, nearly one year after the killings, Vigil is the only person to face prosecution in the crimes that federal prosecutors say Ebel committed. Authorities have said they are investigating whether Ebel, 28, acted alone or in concert with fellow members of a white supremacist prison gang, the 211 Crew.
Now comes video of the Texas chase that eventually saw Ebel killed in a shoot-out with deputies, released today by federal law enforcement. The seven-and-a-half minutes are fairly terrifying to watch: Ebel shoots out the window at police cars from his black Cadillac, eventually blows a tire and then is gunned down off screen as he shoots at officers.

A section of that, including the initial shooting of Deputy James Boyd, is embedded below. The Denver Post has the full video.

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