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If you haven't heard, the race is over and the winner is Pa Kettle!

Bloodhound Pa narrowly beat wolf Keyni, who will now serve as vice-mayor, and third place winner Buster the cat, whose to be the viceroy. No word just yet on how much the race raised, money-wise, for TCRAS, but given that Pa won with 2,387 (beating Keyni by 55 votes) and Buster garnering 1,790, TCRAS walked away with at least several thousand dollars.

An inauguration celebration will be held April 19.


... next animal Mayor of Divide!

Before we go further: forgive my squee-licious tone. I just can't help myself. 

If you haven't been following before, here's the deal: Each year, the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter hosts an "election" in which voters — for a small donation — cast their ballots for their favorite furry politician.

In the past, a three-legged cat named Walter won the day, and before that, a three-legged dog named Spright (despite the outcomes, four legs are welcome to run as well).

But for the last few years it hasn't been a strictly two-party system, and the running opened up for all animals, like the wolves of the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Rescue, horses, donkeys, parrots, and even hedgehogs, like Blackberry, who's running this year with Hedgehog Rescue Inc.

(Based on nothing more than their profile shots, I'm feeling partial to Herbie of the 2 Mile High Club and Pa Kettle of Teller County Search & Rescue.)

Ultimately, this is a fundraiser for TCRAS, and for just $1 you can vote as early and as often as you like between now and April 8, when the polls close. This has raised thousands for the shelter over the years, and at times, the race was pretty darn close.

Here are the 11 candidates. Choose wisely:

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