UPDATE: Jermaine Rogers collaborates with legendary brewhouse


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UPDATE: OK kids, here's the only warning you might get, depending on how fans of both Jermaine Rogers and Dogfish Head beer respond to this new collaboration:

I just picked up a four-pack of the newly released Aprihop at Coaltrain Wine & Spirits

Coaltrain GM Austin Sherwood wisely ordered a pretty hefty amount of the brew, so I suspect you'll be in luck if you swing by today. 

But past that — well, no bunnies for you. 

  • Matthew Schniper

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This is super cool, and I hope it will be distributed here (feelers out as I write this), because I want to buy some. 

Wait ... slow down ... overexcited ... need to 'splain what I'm talkin' about. [Deep breath.] 

Okay: So rock poster artist Jermaine Rogers, the former, short-term Manitou Springs resident we wrote about here six years ago, has collaborated with beer-nerd-lauded Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, out of Milton, Del., on some label art. 

The first of the four seasonals to release this year should hit stores sometime in March.

Check out the label:

And as viewable in the above link, these are the other three labels to come, featuring more of Rogers' most iconic animal characters, including his DERO bear:




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