Denver is a top city to be an artist


Denver, where even the airport is artistic. - SHUTTERSTOCK
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  • Denver, where even the airport is artistic.
Another day, another listicle ranking U.S. cities on fatness, fashion and now, where to be an artist.

MyLife, a social network-type site, published its findings in late January on where an artist might have the best success, and Denver takes number five in its top 10.

To calculate what seems a nebulous question, MyLife took the top 50 most populous U.S. cities and ranked them according to a handful of criteria, like cost of living, people already working in the arts industry there, the number of arts and cultural attractions and things like population age and household income.

The top city is Atlanta, followed by Seattle, San Francisco and Austin. After Denver, it's Nashville, Minneapolis, Boston, Portland and Las Vegas.

In a longer list, Colorado Springs popped up as number 36, coming in after Virginia Beach and before Detroit.

For Denver, MyLife writes: "Its statistics also speak for themselves, as Denver ranked seventh in the percentage of the population working in the arts industry, as well as in the number of galleries and museums to visit."

Add to that news like MCA Denver's October Mark Mothersbaugh retrospective, done by the Devo founder himself, and the Denver Art Museum's upcoming Modern Masters blockbuster, and you've got to hand it to the city up north.

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