The 10 saddest tweets in Colorado Springs




Warning: This is going to be one of those meaningful blog posts designed to change the fabric of Colorado Springs' identity. It's going to make our citizens take a reflexive look at themselves and ask, "Could I be doing anything more productive with my time than reading this?" And it's going to do it by showing the sad, the broken, the lost and the frowny-faced.

There's no good reason for this list, other than that I've been noticing a few more downtrodden messages in my stream than normal. So, here are your peers. Listen to them.

10. This one is a very serious tweet.

9. This one is a less serious tweet.

8. This one loves The Lion King ...

7. ... while this one is just sad.

6. This one might remind you of high school.

5. This one, too.

4. This one gives me confusing feelings.

3. While this one speaks to true suffering.

2. So does this one.

1. Lastly, this one, as is usually the case, proves that brevity is the soul of hope-crushing despair.

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