Bingo Burger expands into Colorado Springs


Now this is just me talkin' here, but as far as I'm concerned, City for Champions is a lame scheme built upon outdated ideas, considerable redundancy, and a general lack of imagination. Not to mention any concept of sustainability.

Show me the Colorado Springs Public Market first, or something bold, like the creation of an algae fuel plant — please do see the movie Fuel — that could bring to life pieces of President Carter's Aquatic Species Program while helping the environment and creating local jobs and economy. 

That's just two ideas from my soapbox. And I won't hold my breath.

Because when it comes to being excited about something that makes our town a better place to live, I usually think about my food and drink beat here at the Indy and the many fine businesses I've reported on that have at the very least, improved our cultural, social and culinary scenes. 

I'm thinking about exciting projects, like the ambitious new Green Man Taproom that's on the way, and even smaller projects like the multitude of new nano breweries and savvy new places to grab a pourover coffee. 
In the realm of meat on bread, few stand higher than Bingo Burger. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • In the realm of meat on bread, few stand higher than Bingo Burger.

And I can definitely tell you that I'm thinking about the upcoming Bingo Burger expansion that will have the amazingly fantastic Pueblo outfit moving into the former Bruegger's Bagels space at 132 N. Tejon St., right in the heart of Colorado Springs. 

Go ahead and scream "eff yeah!" or some other crude, curse-word-laden expression of delight and high-five something or someone near you ... I'll wait. 

Now that that's out of the way, know that you'll likely be looking at March or April at the earliest until those doors open for business, according to owner Richard Warner, who just signed the lease on the property after a long year's search for just the right space. 

"Our patience paid off," he says, noting that with about the same square footage as Pueblo's spot, he should be able to use the same open-kitchen concept and pretty much the same menu as the original. 

Some changes will include a handful of Colorado craft beers on tap (Pueblo only has bottles) and some new menu offerings to make sure that vegans, vegetarians and the gluten-free crowd feel embraced.

Also, Warner aims to work with Ranch Foods Direct, his beef provider for the last year-and-a-half or so, to create a new proprietary hamburger blend (say X-amount of chuck, sirloin, etc. with a certain fat content) that will be unique to the two Bingo Burgers. 

The ice cream from Warner's wife Mary Oreskovitch's Hopscotch Bakery, another Pueblo gem, won't be making the drive with Warner. So he'll aim to pair with a Colorado Springs outfit to make possible his milkshakes, he says. 

But all that's the fine print at this point. The celebration should remain on the simple fact that our town is about to receive this badass business. It's something we don't have (well, not without an hour-and-a-half roundtrip drive), and something that should contribute to making this a better place to live, and eat. 

Now that's worth championing in my recipe book.  

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