Leechpit to reopen in Old Colorado City


As co-owner Adam Leech put it in a Facebook post yesterday, "The Leechpit lives again." A press release announcing the revival just hit our inbox. Looks like 3020 W. Colorado Ave., Suite A will be the new space, and what a space, he says.

Measuring in at over 4,000 square feet, with over 3 times the floorspace of the previous Leechpit, the new store promises to be bigger and better in every way.

“We have gotten really good at making the most of less than perfect conditions,” says Adam, “but now we get to see what we can do with a proper store!”

And what, pray tell, does he mean by “proper?” Well, for starters, nearly TRIPLE the floor space dedicated to the unique brand of hand selected vintage clothing, records, and collectibles that The Leechpit is famous for, but that's not all...
Leech says he's also going to host a "Discarded Art Museum" for public display of hobo nickels, dolls, toys, memorabilia and the like.

Things get interesting on Dec. 20 when, "starting at 12:00 on the clock, in the a.m., ay, the stroke of midnight, in the wee mornin'" the store will sell 100 $50 tickets to a pre-grand-opening party in late January that also get the bearer $50 in store merch.

All this became necessary after Colorado College declined to renew Leech's lease on his old building. See more on that here and here.

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