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It begins with a recipe.
With your Old Fashioned then in hand, you’re ready for ArtDesk, the brand new “support publication” for the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Marfa Contemporary and the Green Box Arts Festival that takes place in our very own Green Mountain Falls (which we’ve covered here, here and here).

Yup, Christian Keesee’s arts influence grows ever wider, and this fabulous magazine is just about the most elegant thing to come across my desk. It’s a mix of short articles, photo essays and artist features. In its inaugural issue, ArtDesk delved into the works of Jim Hodges, who covers portions of boulders with brightly colored, ultra shiny stainless steel; Tomas Saraceno, who created last summer’s Cloud City; and Larry Keigwin, director of his titular dance company that is a fixture at Green Box interviewed the gorgeous ballerina Valerie McDonald.


It’s last page is, fittingly, a look at the desk of Ed Ruscha, “one of contemporary art’s favorite sons” (yeah, no kidding). Ruscha’s messy workspace is dotted with a dictionary, newspaper clippings, “doodles and to-do list” and dental floss.

Oh, and it is so beautifully designed. The pages are colorful and glossy (except the listings section, which is done on a non-glossy, high color paper) and between sections are splash pages of simple designs, like one blue page emblazoned with dashes and the word, “petrichor,” which means the scent of rain.

Get a taste of it online in this preview, and if you like what you see, a year’s subscription is $30 (you get only two issues, but also a desk journal).

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