Harrison, Fountain races being recounted


Let no one say that El Paso County doesn't know how to make elections interesting.

While the September recall election of then-Senate President John Morse stole the national headlines — both for its general oddity and for all the legal hassles it caused — this last November election hasn't gone so smoothly, either. The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder has announced the final vote counts for most races, but races in Harrison School District 2 and the city of Fountain are too close to call right now. Recounts are underway. Stay tuned.

El Paso County Announces Final Results for 2013 Coordinated Election
Two Races Head to Recount

[Colorado Springs, Colo. – November 14, 2013] The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has completed the canvass for the 2013 Coordinated Election ahead of the November 19 deadline and now has official final results for most races. Two races still remain in question: one seat on the Harrison School District 2 Board of Directors and the at-large seat on the Fountain City Council both met the threshold for a mandatory recount.

Along with the canvass, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office completed the legally required post-election audit. The county’s voting equipment passed the audit with 100% accuracy.

The Clerk and Recorder’s staff worked with an extra effort to complete the canvass well in advance of the November 19 deadline because a recount cannot begin until the canvass is finalized. “We understand that it is important for our citizens to have the correct people will begin their elected service in a timely fashion,” stated Wayne Williams.

Under Colorado law, a mandatory recount is triggered only when the vote margin between candidates or an issue is .5% of the vote for the next closest candidate or issue. The final unofficial results posted the morning of November 6 showed that the vote difference between two candidates for the last slot on the Harrison School District 2 Board of Education fell within the .5% range for a mandatory recount and the at-large Fountain City Council seat was outside of the margin by 1 vote. Since the results posted on November 6 did not include all overseas and military ballots—that had until November 13 to arrive at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office— or ballots with signature or ID issues that have since been resolved, the earliest a canvass could be completed was today.

With the canvass completed, the pre-recount results for the races in question are as follows:

Bold indicates that candidates will head to a mandatory recount.

The final results include additional ballots from military and overseas voters, provisional ballots, and ballots that were counted after ID or signature issues were resolved.

In anticipation of the recounts, Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams worked with the company Clear Ballot to begin scanning all 150,000 ballots cast in the November 5 election so any ballots needed for a recount could be located quickly. Clear Ballot has provided their services to the county free of charge, and the services offered will save the taxpayers’ money as the recounts move forward.

“The amount of work completed by our Elections staff cannot be understated,” said Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams. “With a 30% increase in votes cast, they have been able to complete the canvass early to allow the recounts to proceed ahead of schedule. I also appreciate the services offered by Clear Ballot, their unique software will allow us to complete the recounts more efficiently and at a lower cost than before.”

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