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The headlines pop up throughout the year: Babies shaken to death and kids beaten to death all because a frustrated parent "lost it."

Everyone understands how anxiety can peak when a child won't stop screaming. And most parents have run into situations where there was no one they could call to take over for a few hours and give them a break. That's why it's great news that Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is reopening the  KPC Respite Center as of January. The center is a place for parents to take kids when they're at their wits end, and fear they may lash out at the child.

Such centers can be a valuable last resort, and protect kids. Read on:

Colorado Springs, CO] On October 1, 2013, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains (LFS) assumed the name and operations of the KPC Respite Center and plans to reopen its services in January, 2014.

To celebrate the planned re-opening of the KPC Respite Center, LFS is hosting an open house on Thursday, November 14th, 2013. Tours of the KPC facility will begin at 4:30pm, followed by a program and refreshments at 5:45pm. KPC supporters, board members and community leaders will be in attendance as well as LFS staff, board members and donors. The media is invited to attend at Ascension Lutheran Church located at 2505 North Circle Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80903.

Sallie Clark, El Paso County Commissioner says, “KPC Respite Center is a critical resource for child abuse prevention in our community and we are so thankful for the work Lutheran Family Services has done toward reopening the wonderful facility. Parenting is a hard job. Being able to provide a break for families when they need it most can mean the difference between life or death for a child. Having this resource available in our community again will help get us closer to the goal set forth by the Not One More Child Coalition of not seeing one more child in El Paso County die due to abuse or

LFS has been providing adoption, foster care and refugee resettlement services in Colorado Springs for many years and is privileged to be operating the KPC Respite Center. “We are extremely proud and excited to continue this cherished community resource”, says Jim Barclay, LFS President & CEO.

The KPC Respite Center was created by a family whose infant son, Kevin Patrick Callum, died from Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of his frustrated grandparents. The respite center provides temporary respite care for children ages 0-6 years when families are experiencing a crisis, need a break or are considered high risk. KPC is the only respite center in Colorado Springs with a 24-hour crisis phone line and in extreme cases can provide up to 72 hours of free care for children. The center provides services to single parent families, foster/adoptive families, military families and families experiencing marital challenges. In 2012, the center provided 4,038 hours of care to 501 children from 304 families.

Lutheran Family Services believes that all people, from the newborn to the most elderly, are valued members of our community. Every day we provide help and support to children and families, because everyone deserves HOPE during the most challenging times of their lives.


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