Meet on marijuana in Manitou Springs


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In the wake of the passage of a related 5 percent sales tax, the city of Manitou Springs continues to work on its recreational-marijuana scheme, the presence of a new opposing group notwithstanding. That work will continue Tuesday at City Hall Venue 515.

The event comes after an Oct. 12 community get-together when some 75 stakeholders hashed out their concerns and solutions. Included in the individual response forms (page 101) are thoughts like "Marijuana does NOT cause violence!" and "Manitou is accepting and forward-thinking. We must stay this way!"

The most negative comment is a fairly pragmatic one: "This is a huge move we cannot go back from, once we make decision, And so should go slow and cautious. If we open up to a bunch of new licenses, we will have people from all over who jump in for personal greed, no investment in the quality of our community-as in Las Vegas businesses investing in Cripple or looking at Manitou when we were looking at gambling."

Tuesday's meeting kicks off at 7 p.m., though marijuana's last on the short agenda.


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