Balloon Classic on for Memorial Park in 2014


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Good news! The Colorado Balloon Classic — this year's Best Of winner for annual outdoor fest — recently announced it will stay in Colorado Springs, in Memorial Park, in 2014.

Earlier this year, the organization faced troubles when the Colorado Springs Police Department mandated that they now had to close Pikes Peak and Union boulevards during the fest and stuck the Classic with thousands of dollars in last-minute costs to cover the barricades and extra police force.

At first, it seemed as if the Classic would be on its own to pay, which worried organizers who already forked over thousands to put the festival on here. "They’re charging us so much, particularly if we have to pay for the barricades, we will not be able to financially stay here," Classic president Patsy Buchwald told the Indy. "It’s just simply a business decision, dollar-wise."

Luckily, the City helped out with the dollars, and the Classic stayed on through the summer. And now, it's in good enough shape for next Labor Day. The Classic will talk with the City about better sponsorship numbers, the county tentatively offered to sponsor the Balloon Glos and other local companies "have expressed their renewed commitment to the festival," reads the Oct. 2 "Basket Banter" (ha ha) newsletter:

Colorado Springs City Council, LART (Lodgers and Automobile Rental Tax) Committee, El Paso County Commissioners, local businesses and the citizens of our fabulous city have rallied around the Classic to show they want this event to stay here. 

Taking all this into consideration, the Colorado Balloon Classic's Board of Directors voted this month to keep the event in Colorado Springs for 2014.


So mark your calendars for Aug. 30 through Sept. 1, 2014.


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