Survey: What projects do you want in the Springs?



There's a survey on the streets that is trying to gauge support from a variety of projects ranging from a bike share program to renovation of Bancroft Park.

A downtown market concept, like Colorado Springs Public Market, is included in the survey. - COLORADO SPRINGS PUBLIC MARKET
  • Colorado Springs Public Market
  • A downtown market concept, like Colorado Springs Public Market, is included in the survey.

It's being promoted by Nick Kittle, former director of administrative services, innovation and sustainability for the city of Colorado Springs. Kittle left the city several months ago and now is CEO of Sustainovation LLC, a company he created in October 2012.

Kittle explains in an e-mail:

I’ve put out a community-wide survey regarding projects that Colorado Springs citizens might be interested in investing in as an Oklahoma City “package” idea. It’s not everything, but it’s a pretty good start. There are 360 responses in 2 days and its open until Friday. I’m going to make the results public in the hopes it starts a community-led conversation about investment priorities or projects that might deserve attention in the region. Opportunities to invest in Colorado Springs.

I have couched this as a hypothetical, short-term and finite tax increase to fund projects. This is a conversation starter about community investment. I support the idea personally and I’m curious about the public mood. I’m just a citizen who is interested in the results, which will be posted publicly. The survey is simple, anonymous and everyone has access. I’m hoping you will share the link with your readers to encourage a larger sample size.

Here is the survey:

This survey was designed to gauge interest in improving Colorado Springs. It is anonymous and not official. I will publish the results for all to see. Just looking for your honest opinion and thoughts. Team US.
1. I would support a short-term, finite tax increase to fund a package of projects to improve Colorado Springs
2. If our city were to invest in its future by funding specific projects through a short-term tax initiative, which are the top 5 projects (or less) you would support most:

Participate here.

We've asked Kittle a few questions about why he took on this project. We'll report back when we hear from him, or perhaps he'll post something in the comments section.

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