Clarifying the rumors on Adam's Mountain Café's move


This past Saturday, flood-worried Adam's Mountain Café posted a note on its Facebook page confirming that the rumor regarding its next location is true. 

Here's what it said:
Okay everyone, so the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. We are pursuing the Manitou Steak and Pancake House as our new location. I wanted to keep it on the down low until it was a sure thing but since it's out there, I'm coming clean. There are a lot of code issues and deferred maintenance With the building but there is also a lot of potential. First, we can stay in Manitou! Second, no parking meters! Third, we can offer breakfast all day every day, expand our desserts and baked goods, offer 10 times more cooking classes. And finally, I get really excited thinking about investing my time and energy in the East End and being part of its revitalization. Thanks so much for love and support. We are here, literally, because of YOU. I'll keep you posted . . .
The vibrant food that's made Adam's an essential fixture is exemplified by this Thai Noodle Salad (add all-natural chicken). - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • The vibrant food that's made Adam's an essential fixture is exemplified by this Thai Noodle Salad (add all-natural chicken).

Then, a clarification that same day:
Forgive the double post - the Manitou Steak and Pancake House is absolutely not closed. The owner is simply selling in order to pursue other ventures. Please continue to support he and his staff this winter. We will remain in the Spa Building until our lease is up in early April 2014.

Yesterday, the Gazette jumped on the news that the restaurant "is moving" without so much as a courtesy call to owner Farley McDonough for a quote or further clarification. 

That clarification would be this: "We are under contract," she said by phone this morning, "But it's not a done deal. Nothing is solid just yet." 

Hence the key word "pursuing" in the Facebook posting. And McDonough's reluctance to say more at this time, since she does not wish to hurt Manitou Steak and Pancake House's winter business nor her own by confusing either's patrons. 

"We will both be open in our current locations for at least the next three or four months," she says. 

Random side note: Senator Michael Bennet will be bussing tables at Adam's today from 1:30 to 2:30 as part of his statewide Coloradans Don't Shut Down Tour, aimed at "highlight[ing] the stark contrast between Colorado and Washington, DC."

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