Salida local food market wins Nature Conservancy award


Today, the Nature Conservancy announced the winners of its 2013 Nature's Plate Award, a nod toward sustainability in restaurants around the country.

Salida's Ploughboy Local Foods Market and Kitchen earned the top honor for Colorado. 

Visit its website here to view market offerings (including a cider-tasting room and fresh-baked breads), the daily menu (with items like green chile mac-n-cheese) and information on the food producers (such as Jumpin Good Goat Dairy and Hey Hey Yak Ranch). 

From a press release (sent pre-award announcement), here's a little more info on Ploughboy:

The Nature Conservancy’s contest focuses on one of Ploughboy’s primary missions: economic sustainability. As owner, Kerry Nelson, explains, however, it quickly became clear that operating an all-local food market necessarily implicated other types of sustainability. “We wanted to find ways to support the economy of central Colorado through local food. But, doing that meant we ended up with a smaller carbon footprint, food that’s better for the consumer and integrating into the community in ways we didn’t see coming. So we see local food as supporting not only economic sustainability but also planetary sustainability, community sustainability and self-sustainability.” The market’s website highlights a variety of Ploughboy’s efforts including installing custom built refrigeration that uses outside air during the cold winter months rather than running condensers. Ploughboy also puts food scraps in “chicken buckets” which locals to pick up to feed livestock and partners with both producers and a local trucking company to streamline transportation miles.

As this award clearly recognizes, Ploughboy appears ahead of the curve on matters of a sustainable marketplace. That's once component of Denver's new The Source as well, and will be a focal point of the Colorado Springs Public Market just as soon as our community can unite to bring it to fruition. 

Big congrats for now to Ploughboy for the accomplishment. 

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