Colorado College holds 'Food for Thought' event


I don't know about you, but hearing all the talk around genetically modified organisms, Monsanto, and corporate control of the food production makes me feel a bit at a loss for what action I can take as an individual. Thou
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gh I strive to make the best choice possible when it comes to picking out locally-grown, sustainable food, I realize that making these small-scale choices may not be enough to see large change on a broader scale. Maybe, you have also wondered what more you can do to contribute to this much-needed paradigm shift.

Seeing the need for more community conversation around the issue of food production, the Colorado College Food Coalition has brought together student groups to bolster this desired change. On Wednesday, October 30, from 6 to 8 p.m., this network of students will be hosting "Food Day." The event will be marked by a panel discussion, "Food for Thought: A Community Conversation," where students, community members, local businesses and farmers will collaborate to bounce ideas off of each other. 

Not only will this event help create conversation among community members, but it will also give a taste of varying perspectives from business partnerships, such as Lyn Harwell from Seeds Community CafĂ©, Alyse Festenstein, the Midwest Bon Appetit Fellow and Kyle Huelsman from the Boulder Food Rescue

With more and more being done on the local scale to combat these green-eyed monsters, Monsanto better watch its back. 

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