Pueblo or Syria? Chemical weapons in Colorado


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Two days ago, Al Jazeera America published a fascinating look at the mission to destroy the remaining 10 percent of the country's chemical weapons, 6.2 million pounds worth. The job began in 1990 on Johnston Atoll, and, $35 billion later, will be finished in Kentucky and our very own Pueblo.

This all takes place inside plants that have blast walls, warning sirens, shelter-in-place equipment and ventilation systems that would contain the spread of chemical agents in the event of a leak. Nearby emergency responders undergo training to respond to any potential mishaps dealing with a chemical weapon.

Seven of these plants have been built and completed their missions. The final two are Colorado's Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (slated to open in 2015 and finish destruction by 2019) and Kentucky's Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (projected to open in 2020 and finish weapons destruction by 2023).

The below video gives a pretty good idea of what will take place.

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