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Residents are being urged to stay on the lookout for dry ice bombs and acid/drain cleaner bombs. In a message to Neighborhood Watch block captains, Colorado Springs Police Officer Bob Harris, with the Stetson Hills Crime Prevention, wrote this:

Since the beginning of 2013 we have had a few documented reports of Dry Ice Bombs and Acid/Drain cleaner Bombs. These bombs are made with homemade components often mixed inside a 2 liter bottle typically used for soda. Once mixed the chemical reaction causes pressure to build and eventually explode. The force of the explosion is related to how much chemical is used.

These devices should not be taken lightly and we caution all citizens not to touch anything that resembles a make shift bomb or its components. These devices have a delayed reaction to explode so picking the device up could cause it to go off or cause chemicals to pour out on your skin. Please call the police if you see something suspicious that resembles one of these devices.

Common Components of these devices:

· 2 liter bottles typically used for soda or carbonated beverages

· Aluminum foil

· Drano or other drain cleaner

· Dry Ice

· Water

Here's a video that shows what these devices look like and how they explode.

The Police Department's main number is 444-7000.

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