Meet Colorado's new logo


Making Colorado, an extension of the state's economic department, unveiled the product of its year-long process to create a new state logo and slogan, and here it is:

  • Making Colorado

The Indy first reported the undertaking back in April, when it was announced at the Colorado Creative Industries Summit back in April. The project sought graphic designers, youth ambassadors citizen reactions to build a new, copyrighted logo to be used in the tourism industry and state government affairs, such as vehicle emblems, letterheads, business cards and much more. Chief marketing officer Aaron Kennedy said at the time, "We can do it the easy way, which is, hire the New York place branding agency. The hard way to do it is, 'Made by Colorado for Colorado.' So we do it ourselves, and that’s the way we’re going to do it.”

Reaction so far has been mixed at best. On Making Colorado's Facebook page, the comments were pretty hot.



In today's Denver Post article on the subject, Colorado chief marketing officer Aaron Kennedy explained that the team decided against using the state flag or some iteration of the "C" because in a nation-wide study, most identified it with the city of Chicago.

Kennedy adds that the team expected some negative feedback, citing the Nike swoosh, which was at first disliked by the public. However, marketing expert Darrin Duber-Smith, who was consulted for the article, was completely unimpressed, telling the Post, "It looks like something my students could have put together in five minutes. It reminds me of a haz-mat symbol, or something you'd find on a construction hard hat. It's a very weak and non-creative effort."

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