This is how you vote in the recall


As previously noted, almost no one will get a mail ballot in the upcoming recall election.

But there are a few exceptions, namely for people for whom it would be impossible to make it to the polls. If you fit this category — perhaps because you can't leave your bed due to a medical condition, or because you work out-of-state — you can get a mail ballot.

Here are the details:

Emergency Mail Ballot Application for Recall Election Released

[Colorado Springs, Colo. – Aug 20, 2013] The Colorado Secretary of State has released the Emergency Mail Ballot Application for voters to use to request a mail ballot for the September 10, 2013 Recall Elections. The form, included with this release, is also available online on the Colorado Secretary of State website, or on the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder website.

“We are pleased that this application is now available for those that will either be out of the county or confined to a hospital or place of residence during the time that Voter Service and Polling Centers are open,” said Wayne Williams, Clerk and Recorder. “However, even with the availability of this form, this is still a polling place election. Only those people that physically cannot make it to a polling location should use this application. Everyone else should plan on voting at one of the Voter Service and Polling Center locations during one of the five days they’re open, keeping in mind that one of those days is a Saturday.”

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By now, you really should know that you will not receive a mail ballot for the Sept. 10 recall election.

That means you will need to head to one of several polling centers to vote. Unlike past elections, you are not assigned to any particular center. Just choose whichever one is convenient for you.

Here's the official schedule and word from the county clerk:

Voter Service & Polling Center Locations and Hours Announced

[Colorado Springs, Colo. – Aug 19, 2013] The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is pleased to announce expanded Voter Service and Polling Center locations and hours of operation to serve the voters in the Senate District 11 Recall Election.

“It became clear immediately after the court’s ruling that invalidated an all-mail ballot election we would need to expand voting centers to accommodate the voters of Senate District 11,” stated Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams. “It is important for people to remember that even if you have signed up for a mail ballot in the past, you will not be getting one automatically this time. Given that fact, I am pleased that the community has worked with my office to expand the Voter Service and Polling Center sites with this election moving away from an ‘all mail ballot’ election to a polling place election. The generosity of the City of Manitou Springs, El Paso County Regional Building Department, and Harrison School District in providing these additional sites means that all voters in Senate District 11 are within a seven minute drive of a Voter Service and Polling Center. ”

“With this announcement, I would like to encourage everyone to remember that four of our sites are open on the Saturday preceding the election,” said Williams. “This availability is an added convenience for those voters who can’t vote during traditional hours and should help to avoid the lines on Election Day. We would love for Saturday to be one of our busier days.”


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