New tech may improve Colorado Springs' trails


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The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments sent a release that seems filled with possibility but is scant on details. 

"Every four years, we ramp up development of the Pikes Peak region’s transportation planning process — a massive, multi-year undertaking that helps us to determine investment priorities for billions of dollars in federal, state, and local funds to improve roads, bridges, bike and walking paths and the transit system," wrote policy and communications advisor Dallas Jamison. "As part of this effort, we have begun working on one component of the regional transportation plan — the part that addresses the region’s bike and walking trail system."

Jamison says data will be gathered on the trails using a bicycle equipped with a GPS camera and an iPhone that will sense the bumpiness of a road or trail, any safety hazards and gaps in the transportation system. (Hopefully, that means the many gaps in Colorado Springs' trail system might be addressed.) The rider will also record his or her own feedback to the system.

"An interactive website is also being constructed to allow cyclists and pedestrians to post their own observations about various issues and problems," reads the release. "We understand that this technology is not being used anywhere else in the U.S."

Below is a video of the tech being demonstrated in London, Vancouver and other cities. We've left a message with Jamison to find out what will be done with the information, where it will happen, when we might see any changes, and the like, and will update this post when we hear back.

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