Urine, graffiti and a lot of love at The Local


A couple days ago I ran into The Local food truck's co-owner Jo Marini who, along with her partners, was fresh off of gutting and rewrapping their truck due to the enthusiastic administrations of one seemingly homeless individual. 

To hear Marini tell it, a few weeks ago she got a morning call from another truck owner at Curbside Cuisine that there was a man camped out outside their truck, and did they have a new employee, maybe? Well, no, but that hadn't stopped the gentleman from breaking into the truck, liberally distributing his urine, rebranding the truck with some surprisingly inspirational sayings and generally trashing the place.

Marini and the police encountered the man cross-stitching, or something, after he taped the truck's tip cup to a light pole and drew infinity symbols over everything. He was also clearly a fan of advanced literature, as several copies of the Indy were made artistic use of.

Anyway, with the debut of this week's cover story on Curbside it seemed a good time to tell the tale. See more below; all photos are by Marini.






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