Stadium survey site was hacked


Springs City Councilor Joel Miller's baseball stadium survey website was hacked, but not before more than 500 people weighed in, 62 percent of whom said they don't support the project.

The stadium is one of four tourist attractions local movers and shakers want to build using state sales tax rebates through the Regional Tourism Act ($82.1 million), private donations ($61 million) and public funding ($74 million). The others are an Olympic museum, Air Force Academy visitors center and UCCS sports medicine center.

The proposal is now undergoing analysis by an outside consultant hired by the state, which is expected to decide whether to fund the projects and at what level by December.

The city has refused to release results of a poll about the stadium, so Miller wanted to take the pulse of his constituents.

He reports on his website:

My City for Champions poll was hacked at approximately 7:26 pm today. Prior to that time, the last printing I have of the results was with 549 votes tallied. Those results are listed below.

In addition to votes, I received 207 comments for and against the City for Champions proposal. Most comments were very thoughtful, and interesting points were raised from all sides. I’ll create a document of all those comments (minus the identities and email addresses of those who chose to submit them) and will send the document to the other City Councilmembers.

Thank you, everyone who participated.

Last Known Results before Hacking (from a printout):

Absolutely not. 48.63% (267 votes)

Only if it's 100% privately funded. 15.12% (83 votes)

No. 13.48% (74 votes)

Yes, I'm very supportive of the proposal. 11.84% (65 votes)

Yes. 5.83% (32 votes)

Maybe. 4.19% (23 votes)

Other. 0.91% (5 votes)

Mayor Steve Bach, who introduced the City for Champions proposal for the four projects, says an "organizing committee" will conduct public feedback sessions in coming weeks and months.

Meantime, on July 26, the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade's executive director Kenneth Lund, who oversees the RTA program, wrote Bach saying:

In my assessment, and while there are still open questions, the Application sufficiently addresses the statutory criteria that the Third Party Analyst will need to conduct a full evaluation and prepare a report. Although I will await the report from the Third Party Analyst, I would note that of the four components in your application, the Olympic Museum appears to most closely satisfy the statutory criteria for award of RTA support.

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