Buck jumps into U.S. Senate race



Weld County D
Buck: Try, try again.
  • Buck: Try, try again.
istrict Attorney Ken Buck just can't take "no" for an answer, apparently. Defeated in 2010 by U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Buck is taking another run at national office by seeking to unseat Colorado's other senator, Mark Udall.

The Denver Post reports that Buck joins two other candidates, Randy Baumgardner and Owen Hill, both state senators. Hill is from Colorado Springs.

For a taste of how Buck, a tea partier, and his supporters operate, check out this story from his 2010 campaign.

In a plea for funds, Udall sent an e-mail today that said, in part:

An original Tea Party candidate, Buck is against a woman’s right to choose — even in cases of incest and rape. And despite members of his own party across the country calling for marriage equality, Buck believes being gay is a choice and compared homosexuality to alcoholism.

Buck will join two more Republican challengers in a race to the extreme right — each more outside the mainstream than the other.

And all three of them have already begun to compete for the Tea Party endorsement. In fact, The Tea Party Express chairwoman came to Colorado yesterday to weigh in on the race. Undoubtedly, this group — and the host of other Tea Party groups — are poised to play kingmaker in the Republican primary and will do their part to fund their anointed Tea Party extremist.

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