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Total Annihilation frontman Jimi Yamamoto
  • Total Annihilation frontman Jimi Yamamoto

For those who’ve been saying what this summer needs is a couple dozen streetpunk, Oi!, pop-punk, surf nerd punk, Rhode Island bluegrass punk, and just plain punk bands, all performing over two nights in two venues, your time has arrived.

If you read this week’s Reverb column, you already know that the massive Punk Rock Block Party is taking place tonight and tomorrow night at the Triple Nickel and Zodiac.

And if you haven’t, you can go here to check out our interview with newly resurrected Oi! band Total Annihilation, whose performance tonight will be their first gig in two years.

In it, frontman Jimi Yamamoto talks about the skinhead scene, offering surprising insights into a musical subculture that’s remained controversial longer than most have existed.

This weekend’s event is the successor to the 2012 Front Range Punk Fest, whose previous location, the D.I.Y. Event Center, has since been carved up into band rehearsal spaces.

Here’s the full weekend schedule, followed by a video for Total Annihilation’s wistful “Stomp the Crust.”

Zodiac-August 2nd ($5 @ 7:45PM)
Lying Bitch & The Restraining Orders (Denver Punk Legends)
Total Annihilation (Denver Oi!)
99 Bottles (C. Springs Oi!)
Criminal Mischief (Denver Streetpunk)
Spatgasm (C. Springs Streetpunk)
The Smash & Grabs (C. Springs Streetpunk)

Triple Nickel-August 2nd ($5 @ 8:00PM)
Night of the Living Shred (Colorado Springs)
American Mourning (Pueblo Pop Punk)
Mostly Don’ts (C. Springs Nerd Punk)
Too Late for Tomorrow (Denver Pop Punk)
The Brown Noise (Colorado Springs)

Zodiac-August 3rd ($5 @ 5:45 PM)
Plan-B Rejects (Denver Punk Rock)
The A-Oks (Denver Ska)
Disguise The Spy (C. Springs Punk Rock)
Sonic Vomit (Pueblo)
The Ugly Bumpers (Denver Punk Rock)
The Larimers (Denver Punk Rock)

Triple Nickel-August 3rd ($5 @ 9:00PM)
Filthy Still (Rhode Island Bluegrass Punk)
2194 (Michigan Punk)
The A-Holes (C. Springs Punk Rock)
Dead End Stompers (Pueblo Punk Rock)

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