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Hopeful hard cider outfit needs your help


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Yes, it's time for another local crowdfunding appeal.

But this time, it's not film-based: It's all about a potential new hard apple cider outfit called Colorado Common Cider.

Check out founder Matthew Bonno's short and sincere pitch video:

And when you visit the page to donate, you'll see this synopsis of the product:

The recipe that goes into making Colorado Common cider is the same recipe we’ve been sharing with our friends and family for a while now. It’s a certain ratio of the right apples, a little bit of spice, and a little bit of patience that make our cider so great. What’s it taste like? Well first there is the apple, not too sweet but not dry either. Then there are the notes…a little orange, a little floral but both incredibly balanced. To wrap it all up is the bubbles, lightly carbed like a good craft beer. Now we know there are a lot of people who like to pair drinks with food and we think that’s great, but our goal was to make a cider that goes good with anything. A cider that is as comfortable by itself while having drinks fireside at a ski resort as it as with burgers on the barbecue at a Bronco’s tailgate. Fresh, balanced, satisfying, and easy to drink.

Colorado Common Cider
  • You can help make it a reality on Kickstarter.


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