Mayor Meanie?



When we talked with Colorado Springs City Council President Keith King last week about Mayor Steve Bach "twisting" his words in the company of other people, as we report in today's edition, he said it was "unbelievable" the mayor would do that.

Mayor Steve Bach, Scott Hente, Keith King, Jan Martin
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"I’m trying to be very optimistic that the mayor and this council can learn to work together," he said. "I’ve tried to work every way I can to make us concentrate on the issues and not personalities. I do everything I possibly can to collaborate with him. It’s amazing these things happen. It’s been disappointing, very disappointing."

He also said he assumed Bach dished the same treatment to previous Council President Scott Hente and President Pro tem Jan Martin. So we asked them.

Hente, who was barred from another term by term limits, responds via e-mail saying, "I only heard this second and third hand, but anecdotally, I would hear that Bach was saying stuff. I can't say that he misrepresented my statements but I would hear that he was saying disparaging stuff."

In response to our question, Martin, who remains on Council, issued this statement: "Scott and I experienced some miscommunications with the Mayor when we first started. Initially we were meeting with him every few weeks but after a couple of months, we were no longer invited to meet with him. Good communication is the key to successful relationships and that’s also true for the Executive and Legislative branches of government. It’s an important role for the President and Pro Tem of Council to work closely with the Mayor."

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