Broadmoor gets the Cronut



By now, you've probably heard of the Cronut craze that's ripe for becoming the next tired food trend.

Yes, it's part croissant and part donut, a Frankenstein pastry with airy loft and guilty glazing.

And like the zombie plagues in Hollywood movies, the Cronut is almost sure to soon spread from city to city across America and the globe.

The Broadmoor appears to be the first to deliver the creation to Colorado Springs, courtesy executive baker Johann Willar.

According to food and beverage marketing and PR manager Krista Schulz, Willar and his team have dialed in their own version known as The Broadmoor Donut. Only 24 are made per day, and they're currently for sale in Espresso's and Julie's on property for $5 each.

Cronut The Broadmoor Donut

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