PPLD says, 'Hail to the Queen'



Queen Palmer
  • This is going to be bigger than baseball cards...

Local history buffs, library aficionados, and archive junkies delight: the Pikes Peak Library District continues their project to bring the best of their photo archives into your ink-spattered hands.

As of this June, the PPLD is now distributing postcards featuring "Notable Ladies of the Pikes Peak Region" each month for the next year and a half. Suggested uses include sending one to your aunt, making a massive collage, or creating your own portrait gallery of illustrious antecedents in the nearest convenient hallway.

Start your soon-to-be epic collection with Mary Lincoln "Queen" Mellen Palmer: wife of General Palmer (yes that General Palmer), first lady of Glen Eyrie, founder of the first Colorado Springs public school, and known associate of other Victorian badasses like Rose Kingsley and Oscar Wilde.

Pick up your Queen Palmer postcard from the special-collections department at downtown's Penrose Library.

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