How to not kill your family and cook your meat right


comment has a name that says, "I'm selling something you've probably seen on TV," but it's actually the digital Bible for barbecue nerds and one of the most popular food sites on the Internet. Meathead Goldwyn, its proprietor, is like the Harold McGee of cooking outside, and with another luminary starting his event this week — Steven Raichlen at the Broadmoor — we found it timely that a press release from Goldwyn found its way to our inbox.

"Meat is expensive. We should not overcook it," begins the e-mail from the self-proclaimed hedonism evangelist. "Our friends and family are priceless. We should not kill them."

And, hey, here's why Goldwyn thinks you might: "Most cookbooks contain outdated meat temperature info because the USDA has changed its recommendations several times. Knowing the best temps is essential to cooking safe and cooking great food. The Center for Disease Control estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from foodborne illnesses, often mistakenly called 'stomach flu,' and 3,000 die. And nobody knows how many millions of dollars were wasted on overcooked food."

So, homie's got your back with the below guide. Click the link for a version you like better, and go get your chimney starter ready.


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