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The Broadmoor's proposal to close a 3,000-foot section of Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard through the east and west golf courses has drawn criticism and suggestions from the public — so much so that the hotel will postpone two public meetings to do more research.

The meetings were to take place June 4 and 6 but have been put off for at least two months, according to an advisory e-mailed to The Broadmoor's neighbors.

During the current proactive and open public process, neighbors have contributed ideas and valid suggestions about a proposal to extend the length of The Broadmoor East and West golf courses.

To position The Broadmoor to host future larger national and international golf championships, it is necessary to extend the length of play by an additional 1,100 yards. While The Broadmoor has all the operational requirements necessary to host larger golf tournaments, the only limiting factor is the length of the course. The Broadmoor is seeking public input on its proposal, recognizing that lengthening the courses in a responsible manner requires accommodations for emergency evacuation, traffic capacity improvements and spot improvements to neighborhood intersections near the resort.

This proposal will not be submitted to the City until The Broadmoor has heard input and recommendations from neighbors. The proposal will also include traffic and fire safety technical analysis and will, when possible, incorporate neighbor suggestions offered during the first three community meetings hosted in April and May.

Moreover, the hotel will do additional study of traffic to reflect year-round vehicle counts, notably during the summer tourist season.

The consulting firm is developing a summary to accompany its report. Once completed, the consulting firm's summary, along with its traffic report, will be posted to the project website and another e-newsletter will be distributed with a link to the documents.

Broadmoor President and CEO Steve Bartolin assures residents, who expressed concerns about fire evacuation, traffic safety and convenience, that the hotel is "committed to not reducing evacuation capacity."

Hence, the hotel is busy identifying evacuation routes and even analyzing the possibility of digging a tunnel to replace the road, he says. Besides that, he says The Broadmoor is "studying the potential for expanding pedestrian, hiker, biker and jogger facilities," and is going beyond the immediate concerns arising from the road closure to look into traffic safety, road configurations, parking and lighting in areas around the resort and surrounding neighborhoods identified by residents.

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