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FrackNation Gasland

If for some reason you can't make (or wait for) tomorrow night's screening of Gasland Part II at UCCS, you could always leave for Boulder. Like, now-ish.

The town's hosting Fracking Documentary Wars, this evening at 6:30, at both the Boulder Marriott and UC Boulder campus. FrackNation will screen at one venue, preceding a Q&A with filmmaker Phelim McAleer. And Gasland Part II will screen at the other at the same time, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Josh Fox.

Now, it seems to me that the town missed a rare chance to have the filmmakers actually debate in person, rather than split audiences who either see one or the other. Most ideal, were time not a factor, would have perhaps been a back-to-back screening followed by a short debate, then dual Q&A session.

But hey, I'm no event planner and who knows if they guys would have agreed.

Anyway, from a brief press release, here's a little more info on how it all apparently came together:

McAleer said he was invited to screen his film after local groups learned Gasland 2 was going to be screened. Fox's previous film, the first Gasland, has been heavily criticized with claims that he misrepresented and exaggerated the risks of fracking. Fox has been accused of spreading alarmism and scare stories.

McAleer said the local Boulder groups who invited him were concerned that there should be an alternative point of view in town on the night Gasland 2 was being screened.

"Affordable, safe, and abundant energy is an issue that affects the lives of women daily," said Debbie Brown, Director of Colorado Women's Alliance. "We're proud to offer the community a chance to see FrackNation, a bold, well-researched documentary that addresses the scare tactics frequently used in today's energy debate."

McAleer said he was delighted to bring FrackNation to Boulder.

"I think FrackNation's journalism stands up against the scare stories of Gasland 2," said McAleer. "Now the people of Boulder will be able to make up their own minds."

FrackNation, which debunks many of the major scares of the anti-fracking movement, has been praised by the New York Times as "meticulously researched" and "provocative"

According to Variety-the showbusiness bible- FrackNation "makes a good case against [Gasland]" and "debunks the famous Gasland scene of a fracking 'victim' setting his tap water on fire."

FrackNation was funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with 3,305 backers donating $212,265. Gasland 2 received corporate funding from HBO, the cable TV channel.


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