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The folks at Baskin Robbins want you to know that they released some new sherbet flavored freezer bars. I know this because they sent us a box of them, plus this information from a three-page press release:



Here's the box:

Baskin Robbins

But more importantly, here's the ingredient list:

Baskin Robbins

Take the Yellow 5 alone and I'd advise against feeding this to your kid.

This company has obviously not learned a thing from the man who actually does the Robbins name right: health activist John Robbins, the son of Baskin-Robbins' founder, who turned down the family empire to blow the whistle on junk food as well as inhumane treatment of animals.

I would not willingly eat one of these bars, so I have no critical take on their flavor to offer you here.

Call me a self-righteous food reviewer or general A-hole for posting this, but at some point, more folks, particularly in the media, need to start calling this crap for what it is.

I've got no beef with folks grabbing a treat here and there — we all do in some form, be it ice cream or a beer — but the least we can do is buy products that use real ingredients and preferably source them in as sustainable a manner as possible.

No thanks, Baskin Robbins.

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