Bach plays paperboy for Gazette



Mayor Steve Bach sure has an interesting relationship with the daily newspaper.


Take, for example, what happened when Gazette reporters wrote a perfectly serviceable story about the city's Waldo Canyon Fire After Action Report, released April 3. The newspaper's April 4 story noted the city's shortcomings, along with some strengths, as outlined in the report.

Later on April 4, Bach said during a FOX 21 News interview that he was "disappointed" in the daily's coverage of the report and planned to call the publisher and editor.

The April 5 paper contained a note that the previous day's headline wasn't quite right, because it suggested things went terribly wrong during the fire. (Things did, of course, go terribly wrong, as we've reported in "Misfire," Dec. 12, 2012.)

Two days later, the Gazette carried another correction, this one emphatic about the newspaper having made an error with that original headline (which has since been eradicated from the digital version of the story).

As if that wasn't enough, the following Monday, five days after the April 3 news conference, the Gazette published Bach's news-conference comments word for word — at the top of the front page no less.

The "story" shared top billing in that day's paper with this story.

Rest assured that as of today, it looks like things have been fully smoothed over. In fact, Bach has taken on the role of helping the daily distribute its paper.

In a news release, the city tells us that from 4:30 to 6 a.m. Monday, the mayor will "greet hundreds of frequent flyers with coffee and a complimentary copy of The Gazette and thank them for flying out of the Colorado Springs Airport."

(Bach recently sent long-time airport director Mark Earle packing and now is in the midst of hiring a consultant to help market the airport, which has seen passenger traffic drop over the years.)

Think there'll be a favorable story about Bach in Tuesday's edition?

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