How (not) to hit Colorado College kids with your car



It's interesting. As somebody who has lived here my whole life, I notice I find myself annoyed at the Colorado College students who seem to — what's the opposite of "consciously"? — wander into traffic and dare you to run them over. Actually, the word "dare" implies way too much forethought ...

Anyway, but then the Indy's also got an office full of CC grads, some of whom take the curious standpoint that it's the drivers — all who are just trying to navigate the flooded clustercuss that is the college's campus so they might get home for some turkey and gravy — who are at fault.

Who's right? Well, me of course, but that doesn't mean we can't all come together and shout about it in public. So, attend the Citizens' Transportation Advisory Board Meeting, tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., at 1015 Transit Drive. There, recommendations on the Colorado College Transportation Master Plan will be discussed.

"A road system traffic analysis to establish existing and projected future traffic volumes will be included in the draft plan," reads a press release. "Colorado Springs city staff is reviewing the recommendations for cost implications, feasibility and technical acceptability."

And if it's decided that the education of Colorado Springs' finest liberal-arts majors can be better advanced by them finding out exactly what happens when their 19 years of life experience tells them there is no bad time to walk? Well, I live real close, and I can be over — straight through the campus — in a jiff.

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