Manitou eliminates free parking (and the much-beloved battle for it)



Manitou Springs: The best parking ar in town.
  • Manitou Springs: The best parking war in town.
It is with sorrow that I announce the end of an era. Specifically, the end of free parking in Manitou Springs.

Yes, I too love driving to downtown Manitou, dodging zombie-tourists with their eyes fixated on the Peak, making aggressive turns through the roundabout, cutting off other cars, and honking at the people parked in the median — all in my singleminded, lustful search for the perfect parking spot.

We all love it. It satisfies our thirst for competition, and our need to be an ass to people we won't have to be accountable to later.

Plus, it gives us a chance to play the part of "smarty-pants local," who knows all the side streets. It's just plain satisfying to park in front of some poor schmuck's house knowing that the mobs of out-of-towners are circling the clock tower. Dummies.

And then there's the obvious: I'm cheap — most of us are when it comes to parking. We'll pay up the nose for a latte, then act disgusted about having to feed a quarter into a meter. Because, well, I don't know. Because.

But anyway, parade's over, no more free parking.

Manitou is going to operate its paid parking on a kiosk system starting May 13. You'll be able to use change or a credit card, and the city is offering a neat system where you can add extra time via your smart phone. So get ready to suck it up and fork over a few bucks the next time you visit the scenic town at the foot of Pikes Peak. You know, the one full of jerky drivers like me.

Read on for the details: Press_Release_Standard_Parking_May_2013.pdf

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