Barbecue 'professor' coming to the Broadmoor




Steven Raichlen's got a ton going on these days — the release of a new book, not to mention the developing of a third show (in addition to the public-television staples Barbecue University and Primal Grill) — but he's going to set that all down for his annual trip to the Broadmoor, where his aforementioned scholastic enterprise becomes a series of live cooking classes for the paying few.

And I put it that way because the event — running June 5 to 8, and again June 9 to 12 — is not cheap. Created as a package deal, you do get three nights and days at the hotel, a reception, daily breakfast and barbecue, photos and even a diploma, but it's going to cost you $1,996.50 per person. But, hey, if you can swing it, here's what you can expect.

"The live-fire adventure begins with a welcome cocktail party hosted by Steven Raichlen," reads the press release. "Each of the following three days begins with breakfast at the majestic Cheyenne Lodge, the mountainside classroom for BBQ University. Breakfast is followed by an overview of the day’s menus and recipes, along with history and culture of grilling drawn from Raichlen’s own international culinary experiences.

"Class then moves to the 'burn area' — the Lodge’s stone patio with views of the mountains and Colorado Springs, prepped with a variety of grills, from high-tech stainless steel gas super-grills and kamado cookers to wood-burning grills and competition size smokers. Working in teams under Raichlen’s direction, guests grill and smoke with the morning’s creations resulting in an over-the-top lunch."

And whether you can attend or not, look for an interview with Raichlen in our upcoming Summer Guide, on May 15, where we try to get some of what you might learn at the Broadmoor onto the (free) page.

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