Broadmoor road-closing meeting is tonight



The Broadmoor Waldo Canyon Fire
  • Pam Zubeck
  • Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard bisects two golf course areas at The Broadmoor.

Tonight, folks at the Broadmoor will lay out their plans for millions of dollars in improvements to the resort, in addition to the closing of a well-established route through that part of the city, Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard.

The meeting, by invitation at Broadmoor Hall, is expected to draw a good number of the 1,700 neighbors who were invited. And some of them are likely to criticize those road-closure plans, as indicated by this petition, with its 57 signatures and counting.

Here are a few comments from the petition:

We appreciate all that the Broadmoor does for our community...but closing this major access road would be a disaster! PLEASE reconsider!!!
I am a huge fan of Mr. Bartolin and Mr. Anschutz and grateful to all they do for the community. I can't think of one thing the Broadmoor has wanted to do that I was opposed to. This has huge risk (safety, congestion) for limited upside and so I oppose it.
Any of our elected persons who support this should be subject to recall immediately. Sometimes even the wealthy have to accept being told "what self serving profiteer thought of this insane and dangerous scheme!"
Against closing west Cheyenne Blvd. We have a home in the Old Stage Summer Home Group, and that is our major exit in case of fire.
Recent presentations by CSFD officials said "it isn't IF a fire occurs, it is WHEN it will occur". I hope our local elected and appointed officials can demonstrate more integrity than many of those elected to Washington.

We reported on this issue last week, noting that the hotel's expected request to the city to vacate 3,000 feet of the road comes as the region is mired in an ongoing drought and the Waldo Canyon Fire is still vivid in all of our memories. Broadmoor President and CEO Steve Bartolin told the Indy that the Broadmoor's plans would allow for the vacated road to be used in emergencies. He added that tonight's meeting is only the beginning of engaging with the public, with the resort planning several more community meetings.

After the Broadmoor does file its application to close the street, the city's process requires only one public meeting before City Council.

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